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You want to know more about me? Not sure why, but here goes.

I have a computer science background with some Electronic Engineering, my profession is a Unix/Storage/Email Systems Administrator, but generally I can find my way around most systems with a command prompt and a google search. I’ve been a system administrator now since 1997 if you want to see more about my professional day today life, you can look at my LinkedIn page.

I’m also the owner of ZethosOrg a business that develops iPhone Apps. I do this in my off hours from my primary job. Mostly on weekends or nights. It’s more of a hobby than a full time job. I develop apps for my self. I don’t really contract out to do paid app development.

I like to tinker with electronics and micro controllers in my spare time. I also am starting to get into 3D printing as a novice so there might be some 3D printing posts eventually.

I set this blog up as a place I can dump things that I want to remember, thing someone else might find interesting. I have some old posts from 2009 that I’ve imported because according to Google Analytics people seem to still be searching for them and linking to them even today.