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Internet Connected Weather Station

I’ve been wanting an internet connection weather station for awhile so I can check on things via my phone. For my birthday this year I decided to do it. I ended up using off the shelf oregon scientific hardware. Mostly …

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Config files and git source control

Where I work we have a lot of people editing configuration files for various different things, DNS, Nagios etc. So to stop conflicts and also to ensure that all changes are tracked and we can reverse any changes done we …

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Printing time deltas in human readable format for python

From time to time I want to be able to log time deltas in a way that is easy for me to read. I normally write my own code to do this. But the other day I figured there must …

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Insplunktion: Finding excessive outgoing emails using splunk

One of the things that causes us no ends of issues where I work is people trying to phish usernames and passwords from our users. Every now and then one slips through the cracks and results in us having a …

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The rapid deployment of iOS 6

Apple has released another version of the iOS and again it amazes me how quickly the adoption rate of the OS is. You have to hand it to apple removing the carriers from the equation makes it so much easier …

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Are you my Hypervisor?

I’m currently writing a script to try and detect if I’m in a guest on vmware. I was looking around and found some complicated C programs to probe memory to detect it. Then I was talking to one of my …

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Essential Mac applications I install on new machines [UPDATED]

From time to time people ask me what applications I use on my mac, or what applications I put my my freshly installed computers. So I decided to write up a page about it. My needs are probably different from …

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ODSEE, IDSync for Windows and Linux

Recently I had to install Oracle (Sun) Directory Enterprise Server 7 and Sun Identity Sync for Windows 6.0 and I had all sort of issues. So I decided to document it so I can look back on it and laugh.. …

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Brisbane sunset sped up

This is another time lapse I did today. This one is of sunset in brisbane, it’s over a 1 hour period with a photo every 5 seconds.

Time compression of the interesting kind

Today I setup my camera (Nikon D7000) on the balcony and configured it to take a photo every 5 seconds. I left it out there taking photos until the battery went flat (it was already 3/4 flat). I got nearly …

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