ODSEE, IDSync for Windows and Linux

Recently I had to install Oracle (Sun) Directory Enterprise Server 7 and Sun Identity Sync for Windows 6.0 and I had all sort of issues. So I decided to document it so I can look back on it and laugh.. Maybe.

So first of all, what did I do wrong? Well I tried to use Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 and Java 1.6 these were some of my biggest fatal mistakes. If you are trying to do this on Redhat or OEL then do yourself a favor and use V5 of RHEL or OEL. Version 6 just doesn’t work.

* Unzip the DSEE where you want it (I picked /opt/dsee7)
* Install the packages in packages/RHEL4.0/
* Install the message queue from the mq4* directory. Use the 1.5 java that comes with it otherwise you will have pain later.
* Install the ISW for Windows using the java 1.5 from the message queue.

This should get you a working DSEE and ISW on RHEL/OEL 5!

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