New Website, New App

It’s taken me about 18 months to finally finish the new version of my iPhone app so I figured it was time for another website design. Both this site, and now my app site use wordpress as a CMS/Blog. I was using drupal before and while it is very advanced in features I was finding that I wasn’t using any of them. WordPress seems to have just enough features that I need, while not requiring me to study a manual to work out how to use it.

I’m going to try and fill this blog with interesting bits of knowledge that mostly I want to keep a record of. Some how they might be useful to others. I wrote a blog article on my old site about doing creating a drupal FAQ system and when I was migrating the site I was checking google analytics to see what pages were getting hit, and it turns out that after the pages for my app, the drupal stuff was the next most popular getting a rather large number of hits per day. So I’ve moved all of that old content over to the new site.

One of the interesting things I learnt when doing this was to ensure that I put in 301 HTTP redirects for all of the old links. This way the search engines know whats going on, just using normal redirect will cause the old pages to stay in the search engines and rot. Anyway enough for now, I’m going to post some more technical stuff later on.

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